Allow me to explain.

When I first got my 240D (a couple of years ago), some folks on here were
extremely patient and held my hand while I got used to working in it. Stuff
that is now second nature to me were absolute mysteries at the time. And
even with that experience, I have little in the way of mechanical expertise
to offer in return for all I've received.

So, now I drag home Loren's old VW diesel (with one owner in there between
Loren and me). Working on this, I suddenly feel really stupid again, and
have no "diesel" list to turn to with this diesel. Oh, I found a forum, but
most of these guys are more concerned with hanging spoilers under their
Passats then they are concerned with maintaining something old.

Made me appreciate how much assistance I've received from our small circle
of "experts" here.

On 2/2/06, Zeitgeist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Well then, me (aka the witness) shall hoist one (or two) just for you.

1977 240D
1983 VW Quantum turbo diesel 5-speed
1972 Honda CB-500K motorcycle

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