lee wrote:
> OTOH, the increased lubricity will probably make their engines
> last 25% longer, so maybe they should suck it up, replace the filters, and be 
> glad they have cleaner, longer lasting engines that pollute far less.

That may be true, but it's hard to make that case when some engine
manufacturers are telling them they won't honor fuel system warranties
on engines used with biodiesel.

> But 2% biodiesel, is that enough to do anything, good or bad? I wouldn't 
> think that would have a significant impact on gelling, filter clogging, or 
> air pollution. 

Cynical answer: It's enough to drive up the local market for soybeans,
which is probably the main goal.

Less cynical answer: Small concentrations of biodiesel have been shown
to increase lubricity significantly, and reduce particulates somewhat.
I think the sponsors of the bill would also tell you that 2% is just a
starting point.

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