That's great news on the Golf!!  May it run and run for many trouble free miles 
to come.  

Kevin in Hillsboro, OR

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> On Sep 8, 2015, at 8:26 AM, Curt Raymond via Mercedes <> 
> wrote:
> When we last left our hero the 2005 VW Golf TDI there were no reverse lights. 
> A trip back to the TDI guru confirmed that the shift linkage in the 
> transmission was incorrect for that car and would never have worked, 
> fortunately the old transmission donated its shift tower which works 
> perfectly. So now we're all inspected and legal.
> Driving home from the TDI guru today I was glad for the "ICE COLD AC" in the 
> car, its hot and sticky today with only the hint of a breeze.
> Having put over 100 miles on it now the carbon is starting to burn out of the 
> engine. When I first got it it would smoke pretty bad on cold start, now it 
> blows one puff and settles down. It also had "turbo hunt" which I guess is 
> common on the variable vane turbos but a couple good highway runs has burned 
> off that carbon and its better. What I was finding was that in 2nd gear at 
> around 2,000 rpm (quick driving in a parking lot say) the car would surge and 
> back off, surge and back off. That is completely gone, now the only complaint 
> is the turbo vanes don't open up completely until around 2,200 rpm so I get a 
> hard engagement then. Its fun to drive that way but not right. 
> My '98 is faster until the '05's turbo really kicks in, then it can start to 
> pull away. I think in the quarter mile the '98 gets the edge, the '05 has 10 
> more HP and 30lb/ft of torque but it weighs something like 400# more. In a 
> mile or longer run I think the '05 would have it. The '05 is quieter and more 
> refined too.
> Last step (for now) is to get a new driver's side front fender. Supposedly a 
> yard near work has an A+ perfect one, I'll call and see if I can get it 
> tomorrow.
> -Curt
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