Yesterday I drove the 560SEL, and as usual when it starts to
get a bit colder it needed to crank awhile.  Of course it
smelled a bit gassy, but as I drove I thought it smelled
_too_ gassy, and decided to stop before I got on the freeway.

As I popped the hood, engine running, it made a coughing
backfire sound.  Up went the hood and OMFG, kill this thing
quick!  There was a fountain of gasoline arcing up, and landing
back on the brake booster (now that the hood was up).

The return fuel line had split, and had soaked the hood pad
and the entire area, which was sizzling and fuming hot gasoline
all over the place.  Eye-burningly strong.

We were one spark away from an inferno, and it's amazing that
the backfire (?) didn't make it out of the air cleaner far enough
to do the deed.

I had enough tools along, and the hose was long enough, that I
cut off the end and we were able to proceed on our way.  I had
recently looked over that hose, and thought it to be still in
good shape.  Clearly I was wrong.

-- Jim


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