How does leaving Nebraska going to Alaska make it a scam?


That does not, but the low price along with the sob story identify (are consistent with) a scam.
Maos questions still apply:

Is it realistic that an AF guy less than a major or light bird could afford this wagon?
WHy not take it to AK?

These things along with the low price and sob story confirm it is a scam

I encountered one of these sob stories several years ago. It was some woman being shipped off to desert areas, etc etc, advertised the vehicle in gufpo't (and other places) but when you inquired and asked to see it, it was in WA. (yeah, right...) Several other answers to questions didn't add up. I played "her " for a while with email, then "she" stopped answering questions. "She" had figured out we both knew it was a scam.


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