<<I have found that ethanol in fuel is garbage, I put a tank full of ethanol
blend into the 230E and it hated it, fuel mileage went down as well. No
wonder our friends the oil companies are pushing for an ethanol blend, worse
mileage equals more fuel sold.>>

Maybe fifteen years ago 10% ethanol was mandated in certain zip codes in the 
winter months in western Washington. After EPA air quality requirements were 
met, ethanol went away, thank God. It is true that mileage drops 10% which was 
proven to me, tank after tank. It's hard to measure performance except to say 
that it was noticeably down. Which means, obviously, that monthly fuel cost 
went up 10%.

My Porsche isn't driven much and so I didn't want ethanol in the tank all 
winter, so I gassed it up in late September which I made last until normal gas 
was again available in about March. Maybe April.

The main benefactors turn out to be ADM Corp. plus the Iowa corn farmers.


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