Cycle life of battery has likely been exceeded along with age.

The battery can be replaced, I did it on an old MIO GPS I picked up at a
garage sale for $2.  The screws that held the unit together were hidden
under small rubber plugs that filled the screw holes to make it appear "not

I used a bulletin board push pin to pick the plugs out, removed the screws,
removed the battery and took it to "Batteries +" to find a replacement. $8
later, had a fully functioning, if slightly out of date MIO GPS. that works
just fine for navigation around the Ranch and since streets really don't
move that often.. it even works in town.

For myself.. it was worth the $10 and a little effort to save it. Even came
with the charge cord and mount..original box and manual.. etc.

On Wed, Sep 9, 2015 at 9:06 AM, Randy Bennell via Mercedes <> wrote:

> On 08/09/2015 5:51 PM, Rick Knoble via Mercedes wrote:
>> RB asks:
>> Anyone have any good advice to >pass along apart from what I >already
>>> said, which was to toss it and go >buy a new Garmin?
>> Is it a motorcycle GPS, or strictly for the car? The battery is probably
>> stone dead. Charge it overnight and see if that helps.
>> That said, new(er) models of both Garmin and TomTom have lifetime maps.
>> Maps get expensive to purchase time and time again.
>> ‎
>> Rick
> Car - not motorcyle version.
> No doubt battery was dead but he had had it on the charger a whole lot.
> No idea if it is holding a charge.
> He is not technically oriented.
> RB
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