Actually, I am on -- the
difference between there and here is that here was say "send money" and over
there they say "buy the Bentley."  By the way, did buy the Bentley ($5.99 on
EBay) and there is now a three day long thread about who paid what for their
Bentley, and how torqued the guys with the "newer cars" are that THEY can't
find a Bentley for THEIR car for less than $100.  ... There are a couple of
really sharp VW diesel guys on there,  but nothing like the Benz diesel guys
on here.

On 2/2/06, David Brodbeck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> LT Don wrote:
> > So, now I drag home Loren's old VW diesel (with one owner in there
> between
> > Loren and me). Working on this, I suddenly feel really stupid again, and
> > have no "diesel" list to turn to with this diesel. Oh, I found a forum,
> but
> > most of these guys are more concerned with hanging spoilers under their
> > Passats then they are concerned with maintaining something old.
> Try the Audi-VW-Diesels Yahoo group:  It's pretty quiet, compared to
> this list, but ask a question and you should get some help.
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