Simple #2 lead pencil is my friend when working live fuel lines. The taper
point slips right in all fuel lines up to 3/8th inch and makes a nice tight
plug with minimal loss of fuel while making the plug action.

If you have a larger line, use a kids fat pencil.... same result..

Insert sharpened end of pencil with a slight twisting motion to seat into
the rubber ID and it seals, no leaks..

When replacing complete hoses from a live tank, pre-cut the replacement
hose, plug one end with the pencil, remove the securing clamp from the tank
outlet and work that end of the hose to "almost off". Place the new hose
with plug in place in easy reach and remove the old hose while slipping
your thumb over the outlet fitting.... then present the new hose to the
fitting as you slide you thumb off. You should be able to capture the inner
edge of the new hose and slide it on far enough to stop any loss of fuel
and not lose more than a few drops.

Naturally, wear surgical gloves and full eye protection.. no smoking .. etc

If you don't have a selection of Hemostats [blood vessel clamps used in
surgery] get come.. Clamp the new line mid point, remove the pencil..
install on receiving fuel pipe.. don't forget the hose clamps before you do
this.. The pencil plug will let you slide the tank hose clamp over it

Be safe.. vent the area.. no sparks, water heaters, sources of ignition..
gas vapors are extremely volatile.

On Wed, Sep 9, 2015 at 8:40 PM, Jim Cathey via Mercedes <> wrote:

> That's a miserable job.  I've done it by using my finger to
> cork the end of the pipe while I worked one-handed.  A small
> rubber or cork stopper in the end of the pipe would also work,
> but usually isn't anything handy.  I usually strip to the waist,
> you're gonna get gassy anyway so why bother messing up clothes
> (aka wicks in the case of ignition!) too?
> -- Jim
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