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> Guess that means I'll buy OE for the 98 S420 that needs front springs.

The Lesjofors catalog info on the ebay listings seems dodgy. 
For some years, including 97, they list the same spring for the S500 and S420
For other years, they list the same spring for S320 and S420.
I'd seen comments on Benzworld that the S500 springs were too stiff and made the
car ride high. 
The EPC had 3 springs, and for my car specified the weakest spring with 3 nub or
4 nub spacers.

So I bought the "S320" springs on eBay (which were $50-60 cheaper than the
"S500") and 4 nub
spacers from the dealer. 
The result was the only bad spring experience I've ever had in my life, not that
replaced many coil springs. Maybe I should have used JC Whitney springs like I
did when I put
the trailer hitch on my Plymouth Horizon. I think I went to Carquest when my '95
Taurus broke
a spring. 

I do still need to contact Lesjofors and see what, if anything, they will do. If
they tell
me I have counterfeit springs, I'm going to kick myself $113 worth for not doing
through Paypal/eBay in a timely fashion. 

I contacted the eBay seller, who wanted specific info on my car to check and see
if I bought
the "right" springs. I sent him the whole story, beginning with the model, year,
and VIN.
He responded that I sent him a blank message. I replied again, and he never
Looking back on it, I wish I'd filed an eBay complaint at that point. 


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