Last weekend, there was a price inversion from normal. Usually Benzin or Dissel is cheaper at Clear lake on I-35 and high in MN and then very high in N WI. Going up, clear lake was 2.39, In the cities, St paul had 2.25, then across the border prices jumped to 2.45 to 2.49, with some bergs higher. Wausau, even at Fleet Farm, the price was 2.49. In Eagle River prices are generally 10 to 20ยข higher than Wausau, benzin was 2.35. I checked it out on gasbuddy before the trip, so i got Benzin at St Paul and Eagle River on the way up, and st paul on the way back. Clear lake had a Pilot station at 2.25 on Monday, so that was good.

TUesday, I saw an unattended coop (ethanol plant) selling Benzin at 2.05. Yesterdayi saw price on one side of the street at 2.39 and across the street, 2.25. They are desperately trying to gouge us until someone lowers the price, then some of them still hang on to gouge some more.

Peak oil, that reminds me, another ridiculous scare-monger theory that
reality has dispatched for those impervious to reason.  Wait ten or twenty
years and there will be a new one to replace AGW or climate change or
whatever they call it these days.  RUG was $1.849 today, and I see ULSD
around $2.299 down to $2.199.  I wonder how much lower prices will go, I
think this current rapid drop is due to the storage facilities reaching
maximum capacity and now the owners have no choice but to sell the produced
oil at market prices, and the market is setting a more correct price now.

Charleston SC


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