Well, here's one non-partisan truth:  The Government can't give anything to 
anybody without first taking it from someone else (and taking a cut along the 

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> From:  Curt Raymond via Mercedes
> Sent: Tuesday, September 08, 2015 3:16 PM
> I'm not sure "truthful information" really exists anymore. I read both sides
> and figure they're both lying about 50%. The Dems say the economy is
> plugging along swimmingly and with more government intervention we'll
> have a utopia. The Republicans say everything sucks and until every last
> liberal is shot and buried and companies are allowed to run roughshod over
> everything God will continue to bring his wrath down upon us.
> I take from that if we basically leave things alone it'll probably be 
> alright. So
> far I've yet to be proven wrong.
> -Curt


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