Sure hope you didn't run into any Hodags or Igarots, passing so close to Rhinelander...

You mention some places I haven't been since my youth, I'm sure the roads are better now.

Once in the '70s, we set out for summer vacation, probably going to drive from Ogema WI to northern MN to visit grandparents. My father wanted to drive his really nice Adenauer. We got a few miles down Highway 86, and hit some nasty road construction; the pavement was gone and all traffic was squeezed onto rough loose gravel. My dad listened to that gravel beating the underside of the car for about 5 seconds, stopped and did a U-turn, got in a cursing match with the road crew for driving in their road bed during the turn, and went straight back home. We unpacked the Benz and loaded into some beater American iron, and took that instead.
Max Dillon
Charleston SC
'87 300TD

Definitely encountered hodags. Went right through downtown Rhinelander both ways. Got chased by some hodags while I chased others. It was potatofest in Rhinelander. Huge white tent pitched by Trigs. We don't take the bypass.

Sadly Cirilli's has been closed for quite a few years, and now they are tearing down the building for "progress." I loved Cirilli's, your SWMBO would have liked it too. Great place to buy Italian pasta, great olive oil and other goodies. I worked there one summer. Mamma Cirilli said my Italian bread was the closest to "home" of any she had in her long life the USA. I consider that to be the best compliment I've ever received. Italian bread needs good flour, dry dough, and lots of time, along with TLC and patience.


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