On 10/09/2015 9:58 PM, Curly McLain via Mercedes wrote:
Dimitri sez:  Was thinking the same thing. Prius is a pointless turd.

Naa, not pointless. It allows them to feel all pious and holier than thou... That's the point of having one.

(Gerry excepted)


I know I have pointed this out before but will do so again.
I don't want a Prius and some of the foks driving them are the "green" oddballs of society.

However, around here, most of the taxi cabs are Prius.
They run 24 hours per day with 3 shifts of drivers and the cab owners say they are bullet proof.
Nothing wears out.

That might make them a heck of a commuter car if you are putting lots of miles on in a year.



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