Scott wrote:
> Well, here's one non-partisan truth:  The Government can't give anything to 
> anybody without first taking it from someone else (and taking a cut along the 
> way).

Definitely sounds non-partisan but it certainly becomes partisan real
quick, doesn't it?
Maybe Gov. has a different mode of accounting.  Maybe there is not a
balance that is drawn against when Gov. give.

Thinking of which - The new wring-your-hands world fiasco is this
"crisis" of refugees at Europe these days and the Gov. taking that
will be had to transport 10k refugees to USA - no argument we are a
nice place to arrive and there seems to be much here to spread around.
Where do I sign up?  I want my place here to be one of the places that
the refugee comes to live, i.e. we trade places.  I guess someone
needs to pay for shipping bodies across the pond.  Maybe we can trade
body places and make this wring-your-hands world fiasco non-partisan.


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