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> The strength of a diesel is at partial throttle, which is
> not necessary in a series hybrid.  I think the _best_ series
> hybrid would be a small turbine engine.  Turbines, gas,
> and diesels are all approximately equally efficient at
> full throttle.  Turbines suck at throttle response.  That
> is not necessary in a battery charger in a series hybrid.
> So, fixed-speed running in its sweet spot, that's a turbine.
> A turbine would be really small, and doesn't need a liquid
> cooling system.  (Just a little oil cooler.)  At fixed RPM
> you could really quiet it as well.  Co-gen for cabin heat
> would also be nice.

Tell me more!

What kind of fuel efficiency would one expect?

What kind of turbine would one use?

Any idea where to buy one?

How would one gear it down to useful RPM?



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