Andrew,  I'll bet your hourly wage is not zero when you are at work.  Time
off from work is, in my opinion, worth more per hour that time at work
(that's why I'm not working overtime, unless I am).  One can use the hourly
salary number or a larger number, but that is the cost / hour for DIY work,
in my opinion.

Clearly, most of us enjoy DIY, and so we tend to overlook that cost.
Indeed, you may REALLY enjoy doing that job two or three times by deciding
to use lower quality components.  Personally, I only REALLY enjoy it the
first time (learning something new + satisfaction of DIY + higher
confidence that the work was done well and to a high quality), but with
subsequent iterations of the same work, especially if due to premature
failure of cheap components, the "enjoyment curve" begins to fall off

Don't forget the risk that failed accumulators and the subsequent bouncy
ride are adding to the stress on the SLS control valve, which may then
fail, leading to the higher repair costs that Curt was alluding to.
Charleston SC

On Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 11:26 AM, Andrew Strasfogel via Mercedes <> wrote:

> DIY, so it's zero cost to install.  Also, if one or both "fail" the rides
> gets a little bouncier, which I actually don't mind.

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