Turbine engine may make sense on paper, but in reality, there is no cheap
turbine engine.

Having several decades of experience in the manufacture, sale, and use of
turbine engines, including APU [aux power unit] systems, my experience
tells me the application is not practical for automotive use..

Expensive to build due to the high speed of operation and complicated
compressor and turbine wheel required to make a turbine engine, of any size.
Materials needed to withstand both temperature and speed of rotational
components are expensive. A set of turbine wheels for a small APU will run
you in the range of $20,000.

Couple with that, the start sequence is much more involved than "just
turning the key". If air flow and fuel management are not correct, you will
have a hot start and melt down of the turbine components. The same in
reverse for shut down sequence.

Complicated operation requirements would not bode well to the general
public, who are virtually incapable of pumping their own gas or checking
tire pressure.

Just my thoughts, your mileage may vary.


Could it be that when theory meets real world, sometimes the theory does not stand up? Naa, couldn't be......


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