On 11/09/2015 11:33 AM, Curly McLain via Mercedes wrote:
Alles.Last night I said that these things come in threes. Well #3 was that this morning the olde and rusty '87 300TD was stone dead, no lights, no start, again.Broken ground strap. Wait for it. As I was replacing the ground strap, it came to my attention that the whole cap of the shock tower was moving in unison with my wrench. Sh*t!It is almost adrift, which explains the occasional shimmy in the front end.Visions of flying off the road with my grand daughter yesterday played in my head.Maybe somebody up there is trying to get my attention! Thank you! Fred Moir.Lynn MA.Diesel preferred. _______________________________________

I had that happen in my old 110 rustbucket 190Dc winter car. I took pieces of sheet metal, and self drilling sheet metal screws and stabilized the shock tower. I drove it that way a couple more years until the car was permanently retired. The 124, where the strut is also the suspension may be a little more tricky, but I am sure you can manufacture something to keep the strut bearing in place, M/L.

I have to wonder what your potential liability might be if that failed and resulted in an accident.

A bunch of lawyers would be all over that to show that you knowingly drove an unsafe car on the road and totally disregarded the safety of the public in so doing.

Now, having said that, I am assuming that this relates to the shock tower and not to suspension that holds the spring. This is not a strut but just a shock right? In which case it might well be ok to do it.

My wife's grandfather used to tell a story about driving down to Florida in the winter. He had the car filled up at a service station along the way and the gas jockey checked the oil for him and then came to the window and asked him to come look under the hood. There was oil on the shock and the fellow told him that it was unsafe to drive the car with bad shocks and they could fix it for him quite quickly. Grandpa was smarter than that. He figured the fellow had some sort of small bottle that he used to squirt some oil onto the shock and that it was a scam, so he said to the fellow - "sonny, I have been driving cars since before they had shock absorbers, so I am not concerned about it" and went on his way with his oily shock.



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