> G wrote:
> Turbine engine may make sense on paper, but in reality,
> there is no cheap turbine engine.

Yet.  I can dream.  If Andrew can dream of a only-solar
powered, I can dream of a practical, small turbine.

> my experience tells me the application is not practical for
> automotive use..

Yup.  So far, there aren't any.  

> ...the start sequence is much more involved
> than "just turning the key". If air flow and fuel
> management are not correct, you will have a hot start and
> melt down of the turbine components. The same in reverse
> for shut down sequence.

Is this any more complex than what the engine management
computers currently manipulate?

> Complicated operation requirements would not bode well to
> the general public, who are virtually incapable of pumping
> their own gas or checking tire pressure.

Too true.  However, I think in Jim's series hybrid, the
"propulsion management computer" would be in charge of
starting and stopping the turbine.  

And while the engineering challenges are immense, looking at
history there are a lot of formerly impossible things
currently being done.  Maybe we just need to motivate some
Honda engineers to take a crack at a 50 hp turbine.  


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