This reminds me that Kohler was doing something not long after I had left with "capstone" turbines. Not sure of the significance, but I do recall the term being used.

I know they would have been relatively small units, if I recall in the 10kW-15kW range.

They were talking at one time about producing them for use by restaurants like McDonald's and Burger King to peak shave and provide hot water.

The projects I worked on that predated this were for the GE "Smart House" in Maryland. One system we actually built and had operational there consisted of a three cylinder Yanmar diesel converted to natural gas running at 1200 RPM. There was a power management system using high current TRIACs that would allow the loads to be switched between the utility and the generator based on load balancing and peaks. It was crude by today's standards but worked well. And the engine also produced hot water for domestic use through a heat exchanger, too.

One unit we took out of service had over 12,000 hours on it without ever being shut down or taken offline. It could have gone a lot longer. The insides were almost like new.


"Nothing runs like a Deere" I was very impressed with the JD 5500 (yanmar) The gearshift was mickeymouse/klunky compared to the late 60s/70s Dubuque tractors, but the engine, hydraulics, cab and everything else was nice. The yanmar engine was way more sophisticated then the JDs of the same vintage.

75 HP in the size of a 15 HP IH A


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