What kind of turbine would one use?

One that doesn't exist yet!

Any idea where to buy one?

In the future, I hope.

Turbine engine may make sense on paper, but in reality, there is no cheap
turbine engine.

They're not cheap, so we don't sell a lot of them.  We don't sell
a lot of them, so there's no incentive to do the development to
make them cheap.  Circular problem.

I still maintain that, if the materials and manufacturing received
even a fraction of the effort that has gone into Otto engines, small
(20HP or so) turbines would be highly attractive.  And _very_ well
suited for series hybrid applications.  (Not 'automotive' applications.
That term has too many implicit assumptions.)

How would one gear it down to useful RPM?

By running at high RPM's, and taking the output as 3-phase electricity
not shaft horsepower, the thing would be relatively cheap and quite
efficient.  Yes, there would be some significant development costs.
But it would be small, efficient, hot, quiet, and reliable.  Not overly
cheap, but those other factors would make up for it.  And it (with
its battery pack and charge controller) would make a heck of a
jellybean component that would have many other uses, such
as a genny for an RV, emergency power, etc.

If it existed, we would sell millions of the things.

-- Jim


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