The aspect of the current refugee situation which amazes me is the media
focus on the refugees while completely ignoring the situation that is
creating the problem.  This is like focusing totally on burn treatments
while refusing to put out (or even acknowledge) the fire.  

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> From:  Thomas via Mercedes
> Sent: Friday, September 11, 2015 3:04 PM
> Here in SC there is apparently some under-the-radar resettlement of some
> sort of "refugees" "immigrants" or "migrants" or something, being
> coordinated by some "religious" organizations that stand to make a pile of
> dinars off all the free shiite that is being given away.
> state-law/
> sorta explains they have this cover so they can appeal to the members of
> bobble belt up in Sparkletown (which is like the little thing that sticks
in the
> belt hole in the bobble belt -- the total center of it).
> It was kept muy quiet but somehow someone caught wind of it and got a lot
> the local crazies exercised.  I'm not sure how the local "disadvantaged"
> community will take to these new folks coming in and getting mo free
> than they get, causes a fair amount of friction among the gimmedats.
> These same "religious" groups will be assisting with the Syrian "refugees"
> "immigrants" or "migrants" or something and doling out the free shiite to
> them, while taking their cut for "administrative" purposes.
> I think the food from Syria and Lebanon and places like that is pretty
> stuff, so I hope that at least some of them are able to open some
> to introduce summadat stuffs with all the taxpayer free shiite they are
> I like that wahhabi sauce too, clears out the sciences.
> --R (It's a sunni day in South Carolina!)


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