Aaron - I'll make a note, but remind me in a couple of months in case I have to take it off for some other reason. But the bad news is that I just changed the oil, and it'll be 10k miles probably and a year before it comes off again for that reason. That's assuming the oil sample test comes back as before, which reported that the Delvac1 was still well within spec after 10 k miles. But the picture you have looks really very similar - about the only thing that could be different is where the 4 screw holes are located, and I would expect them not to be too different on the same chassis model.


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Werner, can you do me a favor and take a picture of the main (engine)
panel the next time you remove it for an oil change? The 300D 2.5
panel is almost $100 *cheaper* than the same part for the 1987 300D,
and I'm dying to see what the exact difference is between the two


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