I'd say that most people who are willing to try this already drive fuel consciously. Yes I would agree that there will be some initial extra "taking it easy" type of driving, however any good study is usually conducted over a long period of time to minimise outside influences. From what I can see there has not been a proper scientific study undertaken into the effect of adding tiny amounts of acetone to petrol/gas/benzin. The whole thing does stink of snake oil but I am interested wether there is any benefit in using acetone to raise the octane level in fuel or at the least, wether acetone somehow interacts with the fuel. I would like to think that the oil companies are doing the right thing by us and producing the best quality fuel that they can.


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B Dike wrote:
An acquaintance told me he tried it and it worked as claimed.

Did he change his driving habits at all?  I've seen 10-15% changes in
mileage in some cars just from driving slower.  If someone is testing a
new fuel economy additive it's likely they'll drive more carefully for a

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