I personally believe that gas should be more expensive. Thus it would make
the big SUV less attractive and the big Mercedes cheaper for us. 


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On Thursday 02 February 2006 8:08, Kaleb C. Striplin wrote:
> If somebody wants to spend the money on that big SUV, spend the money
> burning up all that fuel driving it, well that is there business.  Its
> not the governments right or job to dictate what you can drive.  Its
> called free market economy.

I have to disagree with you, Kaleb-

I think its called not just "their business" but also their

1). Fouling our air
2). Squandering natural resources, and
3). generally demonstrating that they lack the good sense not to crap where 
they eat. 

And actually, it does appear to be the governments right and job to dictate 
what we can drive. Hence all this talk about federal pollution guidelines, 
safety standards and fuel standards. 


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