The problem with that (or at least my problem) is that keeping umpteen
vehicles is expensive. I need vehicles big enough to haul people and tow
things like boats and haul junk etc. I can't do all that with a Honda Civic
or Smart Car (MB content?). So, we currently have, in addition to my "toy"
300D, a full size Ford 4X4 pickup(my winter car), a Toyota 4Runner 4x4 (my 2
sons share it), a Toyota Avalon (wife's car), and 2 old beaters that get
driven when we need an extra vehicle (don't keep insurance on them year
round but usually have it on both in the summer) a 1968 Chevy pickup and a
1980 Ford LTD. We had an 88 Honda Accord as well but the rust caught up with
it about the same time it needed an AT and so we let it go. Would cheerfully
part with the LTD if there was someone who would pay me something reasonable
for it. Don't quite know what to do with the old pickup as I have had it 20
years. Needs body work and paint but runs well. So, I hope you can see my
dilemma. Fuel economy is good but I don't quite know how to accomplish it
and do the things that need to be done. I considered a diesel pickup but the
cost is high to acquire and a lot of my driving is short distance. I'd kill
the poor thing. We travel to the lake in the summer routinely and that is a
trip in excess of 300 miles. I did that 11 times last summer.  The diesel
pickup would be good for that trip but the rest of the time it would not be
used properly. I don't think I can justify acquiring one for 3 or 4 thousand
miles per year. I've run out of parking spots anyhow.
I drove a Chevy Suburban for 10 years from 91 to 2001 and I still miss it.
It did most things well and I got used to the size.
(Just re-read this and it sounds like I am rambling but I think you will get
my point - I like big vehicles. I just want one I can afford to feed.)

Randy B

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What I want to know is, did he address the irresponsibility of driving a
thousand pound, ten mile to the gallon behemoth SUV simply to go to the mall
and take your kiddies to soccer practice?


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