One of my most embarrassing moments: having our disabled (due to gelled
fuel) W115 300D towed into a very busy mall service station so it could warm

On 2/3/06, Marshall Booth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Curt Raymond wrote:
> > Hey Johnny,
> >
> >   Have you ever tried the Powerservice 911, the stuff in the red bottle?
> It purports "Reliquefies gelled fuel in minutes - no tow truck needed " I'm
> curious how that would work, like if you've got gelled fuel in the filter
> how does the stuff get there?
> >   They've got a great animation on their website www.powerservice.comthat 
> > shows a test tube demo but its not like you can pick up and shake your
> car...
> Once the fuel turns solid, allowing it to warm up is the only reliable
> solution - just like Johnny B. says. The stuff in the red bottle doesn't
> do much good if you can't move it throughout the entire fuel system
> and for that, the fuel HAS to flow.
> Marshall
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