On 15/09/2016 11:58 PM, clay via Mercedes wrote:
I am having a fine time learning how to paint a car with rattle cans.  As days 
flow by, I am taught all the errors I have executed.  I also get better at 
making fixes to these errors.  Shaving the drips, better sweeping the spray, 
gooder sanding with water as well as the soapy spray bottle.

I am getting closer to final product.  The green is a real PITA to deal with.  
I am using el cheapo white rattle can as top coat.  Lowes $0.99 white gloss 
that really seems to not cover for shite, but when sanded it is really smooth.  
I think I have ten cans of the stuff, so will do multiple coats and sand 
between.  One can did front or back, or maybe the whole top as one coat.  Right 
now I am doing 1000 grit wet sand on the white.  Should I step up to 1500 or 
2000?  I am thinking maybe final coats would be done with 3000 - 5000 step.

I have three coats of green down.  Last sand was 2000.  It takes forever to 
cure.  Should I try to step to 5000.  I much prefer one stage paint over clear. 
 Will this work or should I just go ahead and put a few coats of clear over 
both green and white?  What grit should I use between coats if I do clear coat?

Opinions are welcome, I do not need scripture.   If I am able to do one step, 
how long should I wait before trying to polish?  Do I begin with an aggressive 


I think you should have used thinned Rustoleum and foamy rollers instead.
Should be less expensive and easier to get more paint on. Rattle can paint tends to be pretty thin.



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