> Donald wrote:
> What do you all think of this:
> http://www.ebay.com/itm/GMC-Suburban-/172337688513?forcerrptr=true&hash=item2820206fc1%3Ag%3AYqIAAOSwknJX1Ig0&item=172337688513
> Too see the pictures you have to look in the description.

Others mention it's an '87.  No, I did not take the time to load a
huge page.

> I'm not looking for comments about it is ugly or things like
> that.  I know the 350 TBI is a great engine and this is a ¾ ton,
> so it has the heavy duty suspension and heavy duty transmission.

The transmission in '87 would be the 700R4 - not a heavy duty
transmission from the factory.  In '92 the name changed to 4L60.  I
don't think there was any difference in the transmission from the
1/2 ton up.  From the factory.  Aftermarket rebuilds can make it a
strong, sturdy transmission.

I don't know about '87, but in the years prior there was a light
and a heavy 3/4 ton. Look at the VGW to see which it is.  The
suspension on the light 3/4 ton is not much different than the 1/2
ton.  The heavy 3/4 ton gets the heavier axle, bigger brakes, etc.

> Too me, it looks like it is in great shape and I don't see any
> real evidence of rust other than minor surface rust on the
> underside.  But, am I looking in the wrong place?

Rust shows up in the back corners between the bumper and the
wheels, the bottom of the doors, rocker panels, front wheel fender
aft of the wheel.  Factory paint peals off as they had not yet
figured out how to use the EPA mandated paint process.  Especially
bad on the roof.


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