Friend had a model A and a 1920s limousine he restored using lacquer. Each coat 
of lacquer dried very quickly, and then he would rub it out and spray on 
another coat. IIRC he said the Model A had 17 coats of lacquer. It was the 
deepest and most beautiful finish I've ever seen on a car. He won numerous 
prizes at auto shows for both cars. Lacquer doesn't hold up as well as newer 
finishes, but might hold up as well as rattle can finishes.
Last time I looked lacquer was available in rattle cans. If not:

Note the warning about spraying urethane finishes in the following article:

" Compared to the old lacquers and enamels, urethanes are much too shiny-almost 
plastic in appearance due to the clearcoat-and don't have the same depth of 
finish that a lacquer finish has. They are also very dangerous for the average 
home hobbyist to use because they contain isocyanides; unless a paint mask with 
a fresh-air feed is used, the isocyanides-contained overspray will harden in 
your lungs and kill you."

Instructions on lacquer finish for cars:

I have a pipe frame canopy which came with a black plastic top (HF has them; 
not sure about color.) If you covered the whole frame with black plastic, the 
temps in the summer sun would probably reach well over 100F just like they do 
in a closed car. 

clay wrote:
> I would love to build a hot house and drive the dang car in it to bake.  I am 
> pretty sure one day would do the trick if it got over 70.
> clay
> > On Sep 16, 2016, at 5:40 PM, Craig via Mercedes <> 
> > wrote:
> > 
> > I recently painted a steel rod for a project I'm working on with several
> > coats of black rattle-can spray paing over 3 or 4 days. A few days later,
> > I found the paint hadn't really hardened, so I thought of heating the
> > piece up with a hair dryer/heat gun. That didn't work too well and I was
> > concerned about getting the paint too hot in the spot in front of the
> > heat gun.
> > 
> > I solved the problem by putting the piece on the dark blue dashboard of
> > our '82 240D/3.0 with the front window facing south. That worked like a
> > champ. It heated up the rod uniformly until it was almost too hot to hang
> > onto. The paint is good and hard now.
> > 
> > 
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