One of those regional jets, Embraer maybe? I really didn't even pay attention.


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What kind of aircraft was it? Not Boeing I hope!


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So I was traveling from DCA to CHS this morning, we get on the plane,
everyone is ready to go, the young lady pilot steps out to the
microphone at the front to tell us they have to turn the plane off, wait
5 minutes, then back on to reboot it.  Aside from how bizarre this is, I
tell my daughter this will not end well, in about 15min they will
determine that plane isn't going anywhere, and finding another plane is
going to be problematic.

Shonuff after turning the airplane off, then waiting, then turning it
back on and fooling around with it again, she comes back out and tells
us the airplane is broken and is not going anywhere, they are going to
have to try find another airplane. This is going to take about an hour.
We can sit there or go into the terminal if we want.  No one gets up.
So then a few minutes later she comes back and tells us we have to get
off, so we do that.

Then a little while later they change the gate to another one across the
way, there is another plane there I guess they stole from some other
flight.  We finally load up that one, it is kinda weird as it is all the
same people in all the same places, same crew, like a Twilight Zone
thing.  It got off OK, we were about 1.5hr late arriving in CHS.

We rented something called a Lincoln MKZ or MKT or something, it was
like a big wagon but said "Town Car" on it.  Somehow I do not see the
guidos driving that around Boston with the "A Touch of Class" plate on
the front.  Nice enough vehicle but the controls were extremely
strange.  The fan control was a metal bar detail that had LED lights
behind, you swiped on the bar to make it go up or down.  I only figured
that out trying to push everything on the dash to get the AC working
better and inadvertently swiped on it. You could also do it from the
touch scree, which required something close to a hammer blow to get to
respond.  I never did figure out how to get the electric hatch to close
itself except with the fob.  There was a touch button under the bumper
to open it (a stupid location) but nothing to push to close it.


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Nope . . .

On Sun, Sep 18, 2016 at 11:44 AM, WILTON via Mercedes

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