Oil forum (and diesel pickup forum, and IIRC the late Doktor Booth) wisdom says
Delo 400 is the best 'conventional' 15W40 diesel oil, with Delvac 1300 maybe
ahead of Rotella. Delo "Iso-Syn" has some of the sorta synthetic group III base
stock that they've been using to dilute the group IV base in M1 in recent

I've got a few shiny steel cans of original M1 somewhere. The additive package
might not be as good as the new stuff, but I bet the base stock is better than
anything you can find at FLAPS today. I've been saving it for shelf decoration
when/if I ever build my dream workshop. 

> On September 19, 2016 at 5:43 AM archer75--- via Mercedes
> <mercedes@okiebenz.com> wrote:
> Years ago you would see cases of Delo lined up against the wall at the
> Wildwood truck stop. Nowadays you see Shell Rotella lined up against the wall
> and only a few quarts of Delo on the shelf. Do the truckers know something we
> don't know?


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