One of the comments / twitter posts following the attacks offered that
these bombings and stabbings only strengthen Trump's presidential bid and
weaken Hillary.  How ironic.  Maybe we miss W just a little now?  That'll
be the "October Surprise", Dubya will endorse Trump?

Charleston SC

On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 12:32 AM, Curley McLain via Mercedes <> wrote:

> 3 attacks on Sat, 2 in NYC and one in St Cloud, new somalia  (formerly
> known as Minnie sota).   As rev Wright said, "Your chickens are comin' home
> to roost" only this time it refers to his buddy bungler, who has been busy
> bringing in as many hajis as he can to wreak havoc on us all.
> How y'all likin' that "hope and change?"
> Where are all the call for registering and banning pressure cookers and
> knives?   We have to ban nails, new or used also.

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