On 19/09/2016 1:14 PM, Curley McLain via Mercedes wrote:
A waytago to the Avon, new somalia PD officer. He shot the haji once. The haji got up to charge again, he shot again. The haji got up a third time to charge, he shot again. Haji dead. Hope he had lard onthe the bull lets.

Very different that the average "expert" that fires 17 shots and may or may not hit the suspect.

Turns out the Avon PD officer is a firearms instructor.



Canadian version too.
Calgary police officer encountered a fellow waving around a machete in the middle of a Sears store. The bad guy sliced the officer's arm and shoulder but the officer shot him anyway.
The officer has had surgery and hopefully will be ok.
The bad guy lived and was patched up too.



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