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> I understand, since it's a synthetic I'm sure it flows far better in
> cold temps than a conventional oil.
> In the higher mileage M119s I've had I run 15W-50 M1 and change every
> 7500, maybe 10k in the older son's car, since his mileage is almost all
> highway. The only reason for using the higher viscosity oil is to keep
> idle pressures up in high temperatures. In both M119s with over 275k
> the idle pressure drops perilously close to 1.0 bar during the hottest
> times of the year with everything turned on.  If I use the 15W-50 idle
> pressures are more like 1.5 bar under similar conditions.

The low-pressure spec on OM61x is 0.5 bar; I don't know what it is on



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