Humidity in air conditioned house is 56 percent. I cleaned the tubes and 
tombstones with Deoxit, and I barely touch the glass. Also, it does it on both 
tubes. Mechanical/corroded contacts was my first thought too.
Curley McLain wrote:
> You like in a humid climate.  In HI, I spent a lot of time polishing the 
> contacts on fluorescent fixtures.  Here, I have had to polish the 
> contacts for the starters on the 15W tube lights.   I suspect touching 
> the bulb moves it enough to make contact at the ends.  in daily use, the 
> oxidation does not get as thick, s a small bump can do it.
> > archer75--- via Mercedes <>
> > September 19, 2016 at 9:42 AM
> > 2 years ago I replaced he transformers in the four tube light assembly 
> > over the sink. The last few weeks sometimes one, sometimes two of the 
> > bulbs on the same shared transformer didn't come on until I twisted 
> > one of them in its sockets.
> > Yesterday I found that just touching the glass in the middle of the 
> > tube was all that was needed to make it come on. I've done that 
> > repeatedly and every time the tube(s) light up as bright as usual.
> > The only thing I can think of is some sort of capacitance effect that 
> > lets weak voltage/amperage from the dying transformer ionize enough of 
> > the gas to complete the circuit.
> > The primary cause is probably the Chinese transformer from Home Depot 
> > since neither of the new bulbs is affected.
> > Gerry
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