Yesterday I went to our local Federal Auto Parts (sadly my local Car Quest got 
bought by Advance which then took a profitable location and ran it out of 
business) and got some 1000 and 1200 grit sandpaper. I went all over the fender 
with the 1000 and then the 1200, then again with the 2000 I had before. Got it 
all smooth, then hit it with polishing compound and finally wax.
It looks.... Okay.
Actually it pretty well matches the rest of the car. I think with a buffer I 
could probably polish it to be a 6 or 7 but not better. The clear coat I got 
from isn't that great, it came out really thin so I had to 
really load it on to keep it from orange peeling, I was unimpressed.
As with most of my paint jobs one spot seems to have had light paint coverage 
(on an edge naturally) that I didn't notice and burned through just slightly 
when I color sanded. It appears to be well covered with clear so I'm not 
worried about it. Another spot has a huge run but its in a corner and shouldn't 
be too noticeable, I can't tell if thats in the color or the clear.
In the end I should strip and repaint but I'm so tired of this I'm gonna just 
slap it on, it'll be better than the garbage thats there now. I'll try to do 
better on the other side but I need a better paint supplier.

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