That's what I really dislike about the CFL curlicue lamps - they take a while, 
even where it's warm, to get to full brightness.

I have a couple in the front porch fixture, but only because it's a PITA to get 
to and I leave it on all night. I have a couple of coach lamps on either side 
of the garage, and those are LED lamps.

I still have a few around the house, but they're in little used fixtures. 
Everything else has been converted to LED.


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> On Sep 20, 2016, at 11:04 AM, Curt Raymond via Mercedes 
> <> wrote:
> I had a 100w equivalent CFL in the garage, it was okay but in the winter it 
> was a real drag, it'd get up to full brightness eventually but sometimes that 
> took a long time. Last year I bought a 75w equivalent LED for the in-laws but 
> it wouldn't fit in their fixture, I replaced the CFL in the garage with it 
> and its MUCH better than that which it replaced, it comes on instantly and I 
> think it throws more light while using less electricity. Should last longer 
> in a base up mount like I have too.
> -Curt
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> Subject: Re: [MBZ] Strange effect
> That is a pretty good idea.  I installed a set of those for my mother in her 
> garage.  She has a work bench and wanted some light.  I forgot that I have 
> tube lights in my basement that take forever to fire up.  The LED would be a 
> much enjoyed upgrade.
> clay
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