From what I've read over the years, they might have massive, well organized 
strikes; blocking roads, etc.; just like the French farmers did several years 
ago. Don't recall any riots; at least any recent riots.

> Do you suppose Europeans would riot if they all suddenly had to buy gas cars 
> and pay more for fuel as gas prices rose?
> -Curt
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> All major diesel car brands in Europe are selling vehicles that do not comply 
> with air-pollution limits. The study shows Germany’s Volkswagen produces some 
> of the cleanest cars.
> According to the report which comes in the wake of Volkswagen ‘Dieselgate’ 
> scandal, there are 29 million 'dirty' diesel cars and vans driving on 
> Europe's roads today, and that number is growing. The report classifies a car 
> as ‘dirty’ if emissions are more than three times the relevant NOx (Nitrogen 
> oxides) limit.
> “One year after the US caught Volkswagen cheating; all carmakers keep selling 
> grossly polluting diesel cars with the connivance of European governments... 
> Only a recall of all harmful diesel cars will clean up our air and restore 
> credibility in Europe’s legal system,” said Greg Archer, clean vehicles 
> director at T&E.
> The researchers analyzed emissions test data from around 230 diesel car 
> models. They found that Fiat and Suzuki diesel cars on average pollute 15 
> times more than the legal NOx limit while Renault-Nissan vehicles exceed the 
> limit more than 14 times. General Motors’ brands Opel-Vauxhall emissions were 
> found to be ten times higher than permitted levels.
> The report revealed that under the new European exhaust emissions standard 
> called Euro 6 rules, German manufacturer Volkswagen was selling among the 
> cleanest diesel vehicles.
> T&A, however, said that the better performance of Volkswagen Euro 6 cars had 
> nothing to do with Dieselgate, but with better technology choices made before 
> the scandal erupted.
> “Volkswagen is not the carmaker producing the diesel cars with highest 
> nitrogen oxides emissions and the failure to investigate other companies 
> brings disgrace on the European regulatory system,” says Greg Archer. 

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