> Good point, have you made up a handy chart of incandescent watts vs
> lumens?  ;)

There isn't one.  That is, there isn't _one_, though there may be many.
There is a general industry average for commodity bulbs, because there is a
general industry _lifetime_ rating.  Lots of variability, though.  And the
technology (halogen, not) makes a fair difference, too.  Consider the
old-fashioned photoflood lamp.  Lots of lumens per watt.  Lasts what, a
couple of hours?

There's a bazillion ways to rate a lamp.  Cost.  Lifetime.  Light output.
Light _pattern_.  Spectrum.  Power consumption.  Heat output.
Environmental sensitivity (heat/cold, vibration, orientation, even
EMI/ESD).  Physical durability.  Size/shape.  Hazards if damaged...

Depending on your needs, you might even care about _all_ of these!

-- Jim

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