Now, this deserves an ATTABOY!  

Any time someone can keep their cars running (and even improve them) in an 
effort to avoid a car payment, I think that is an admirable goal!  

Don Snook 

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on that note:  In the past month, the only parts I have had to buy was the 
engine shock for the 240D.  That means no "car payment" this month!  
Sincel about a year ago, I have been doing a lot of fixing, and ordering parts. 
 A lot of it was deferred maintenance.  Even the neglected 240D has a new 
exhaust, after 20 years of patching the old one together until it was pretty 
much bandaids holding the bandaids together.  When I took the old exhaust off 
and salvaged the hose clamps, there was only the front pipe from the manifold 
to the bend to the aft (about 20") left.

It also has new motor mounts, a new air cleaner, the transmission 
modulator adjusted;  new front end parts etc.   The old 240D sounds 
good, is smoother and shifts better.  The trans has been "on the way out" for 
10-15 years, but has not died yet...
> rogerhga--- via Mercedes <> September 21, 
> 2016 at 6:06 AM No, this car is TOO NICE for any of the "bottom 
> feeders" on this list (and that includes me) :-))) This car appears in 
> TOO good a condition so what would anyone have to spend hours of time 
> fixing / repairing?
> Pass on this one.
> Best Wishes,
> Roger
> Roger Hale
> Dinnerware Classics, Inc.
> Monroe, Ga.
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