Tesla Model S hacked from 12 miles awayPublished: Wednesday, September 21,

Chinese security researchers were able to take remote control of a Tesla
Model S from 12 miles away.

The team from Keen Security Lab controlled the car's brakes, locks and
other electronic features. And while the hack occurred when the web browser
of the Model S was connected to a malicious web browser — a controlled
environment for Keen's experiment — that didn't stop Tesla Motors Inc. from
issuing a statement.

"Our realistic estimate is that the risk to our customers was very low, but
this did not stop us from responding quickly," the company said.

Just last month, another Tesla hack was demonstrated by researchers at the
University of South Carolina, who fooled the Model S autopilot and its
object perception (Olivia Solon, London*Guardian*
Sept. 20). *— CB*

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