> Max wrote:
> Good point, have you made up a handy chart of incandescent watts
> vs lumens?  ;)

No, 'cause it varies. 

The proper term for how many lumens per watt is "luminous
efficacy".  For reference, a light source that turns all of the
energy into 555 nm light (a green color that the human eye is
very sensitive to, and part of the definition of "lumen") would
have an luminous efficacy of 683 lm/W.

7-15 lm/W    Typical for a medium base incandescent lamps like we
             use around the house (40-100 W).  I generally mentally
             calculate using 10-12 lm/W.

20-30 lm/W   Halogen type incandescent are higher.
60 lm/W      Old-style T12 florescent, typical
80-100 lm/W  Electronic ballast T8
30-100 lm/W  LED lamps for 120 V
65-115 lm/W  Metal halide
100-200 lm/W The champion, low pressure sodium (seen in street
             lights - the _very_ orange ones)

Not a chart, but maybe it will help. *smiles*


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