When one reviews the encyclopedic range of accomplishments by the C-130 
Hercules and its valiant aircrews over the years, surely one of the most 
astounding took place in October 1963 when the U.S. Navy decided to try to land 
a Hercules on an aircraft carrier. Was it possible? Who would believe that the 
big, four-engine C-130 with its bulky fuselage and 132-foot wing span could 
land on the deck of a carrier?

Not only was it possible, it was done in moderately rough seas 500 miles out in 
the North Atlantic off the coast of Boston. In so doing, the airplane became 
the largest and heaviest aircraft to ever land on an aircraft carrier, a record 
that stands to this day.


Landing and takeoff video:

WILTON wrote:
> What?  Where?

> >> I vaguely remember a C-130 test onto and off of a carrier several years 
> >> ago.
> > Mitch.

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