That might be a decent price, but in my experience you have to be a mechanic or 
wealthy to own a 12 cylinder Jaguar.   This was made before Ford bought Jaguar. 
 So, all of the typical Jaguar nightmares will be present and ANY 12 cylinder 
is going to be a beast in terms of cost of repair and maintenance.  I would 
drive an old GM diesel before I bought this.  Yes, it would be fun to drive 
occasionally, but owning it?  No way.  I'm not totally opposed to Jaguars.  I 
had one.  It was a 2004 XJR.  It was a rocket ship and was pure luxury and 
testosterone.  I LOVED driving it on short trips or really throwing it around 
in the twists and curves.  And It was reliable  -- at least as reliable as 
other performance luxury cars.  When that 4.2L supercharged engine put all that 
torque on the road it was blast.  

Don Snook 

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BAT has some decent deals.  Here's one.


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