Well the Cadillac isn't going to work.  The previous owner drove it so long 
with a misfire on two cylinders that the timing chain has jumped a tooth or 
two.  The only realistic fix is to replace the timing chain and doing that on a 
Northstar is a major expense that is not worth it.  Its still a Cadillac with 
chrome wheels and it still runs pretty well.  But, it feels like a misfire and 
it keeps setting the codes for the cam sensor.   So, now it is back to the car 
search.  I'll be able to sell the car and maybe even make money.  There are 
some neighborhoods here where a running Cadillac with chrome wheels will sell 

This was supposed to be for my stepdaughter.  Her father has been letting her 
drive a Trailblazer that he bought cheap.  It is actually very nice, but she 
claims its too big.  I think the real problem is he wants to keep it for 
himself.  So, I'm going to try to find her a nice Accord or Camry. Although, if 
I can persuade her and her mother, I think some GM car with a 3800 engine would 
be perfect.  She is 16, so its likely she will wreck the first car anyway.

Don Snook

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