My Suburban has one of those in plastic that ended up failing up by the airport last year. Luckily mama still had AAA coverage on it so got it flatbedded home after it puked all the coolant on the airport access road. It was a bugger to replace, and really annoys me that a cheap

plastic fitting can cause a fatal error. Oh well, the first one lasted 15 years, maybe this one will go a few more years, but I wonder what other fatal parts lie within.


On 9/22/16 7:45 PM, Dan Penoff via Mercedes wrote:
I know that hose on the firewall of the XKE. I believe the XJs had them too. 
Imagine my surprise when I found the W140 has a very similar tee fitting just 
like the Jags! They fail just as catastrophically in Mercedes, too.




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