And I forgot to question " EV and Plug-in Hybrid...are better, faster,
cleaner, cheaper to buy, cheaper to operate and cheaper to maintain than
gas cars.  Its just the public is not aware of that yet."

OK, please make me aware!  I'd really like to see the numbers supporting
those claims.  Economics (aka reality) wins every time.

Gerry - I do thank you for posting - challenging assumptions and finding
new ways to solve old problems is fun.

Charleston SC

On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 3:46 AM, Max Dillon <> wrote:

> You forgot "evacuate from a hurricane, requiring hours and hours creeping
> along in a traffic jam with AC blasting". No Tesla would make it. Many cars
> need refueling during such an event. The demise of the internal combustion
> engine has been predicted many times....
> --
> Max Dillon
> Charleston SC
> '87 300TD
> '95 E300

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