Injectors and/or timing.

The engine shocks are important, but replacing them won't affect the shaking at 
idle enough for you to notice. Be aware that the repair kits, only available 
through Mercedes, are about $75/each.

I would save the $ and put it towards a set of rebuilt and tightly calibrated 
injectors or new engine mounts.


> On Oct 12, 2016, at 1:02 AM, clay via Mercedes <> wrote:
> it has been running for a bit.  Not Ludmilla.
> Polei is pretty smooth on start, but when she warms up, I think the motor 
> mount on the driver side is shot.  Or is it the engine shock that is gone?  I 
> did look at the underside, and the bushing for the shock is melted.  Does it 
> want a whole new shock or maybe just the bushing?    The shakes are not 
> really bad, only at idle, and not as vigorous as in Gump.   When I did Gump, 
> I did both motor mounts and then the front mount and Trans mount.
> In the coming months I am pretty sure I will be needing to source a slew of 
> rubber parts to replace the perished bits.  The vacuum is pretty slow and not 
> complete for door locks.  Some doors lock, others, not so much.  Engine bay 
> will need hoses, but thinking the belts look not too bad.  IF I gather a 
> bucket of cash, the bushings all over will be getting attention.  I do not 
> expect that to happen, since this is going to have to be an AS IS Where is 
> car.  I have poured massive cash into getting her road worthy, with a little 
> more to spend.
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